Silvercrest Construction

Turnkey Financing is Available

Take the hassle out of financing your new home with Silvercrest Construction Group’s Turnkey Financing. When you take advantage of our Turnkey Financing service, you get the benefit of a speedier, more efficient process – getting your home built, and your family moved in, faster! What’s more, with our Turnkey Financing option you have the opportunity to secure a conventional loan to finance your new home, rather than a construction loan, which generally gives you the ability to secure financing at a lower rate.

Getting started is easy: after you’re pre-approved with your financial institution, we’ll ask you for a reasonable down-payment. Then, we purchase the lot, materials, and labor, and get started on construction. Once your new home is complete, we sell you the home, which you can finance with a conventional loan through your preferred lender. Some restrictions may apply. Ready to get started? Give us a call at 920-903-1710 to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation.